For centuries there have been many stories dedicated to love, from all corners of the world. It is this love, which brings warmth to each one of us. It brings people closer, a mere, abstract feeling. But as we say, an abstract is most reactive on people; the feeling of love is what keeps this world away from destruction. It is the savior of all living kinds. It has the power to make people strong or weak, passionate or insane; it is the occurrence that changes the lives of people.


It is said, love stops time, stops aging itself, the moment two hearts fall in it. The changes it makes in the person are dramatic; one loses itself in the other to become one, to celebrate the pure form of love.


No one can deny that it has the power of healing too. Without any visible medicine or practices, love heals people. It can heal broken hearts, the depressed minds. It can pull people from the hell they live in and help them love themselves and the lives they are gifted with. It makes people livelier. And with all the magic, it still remains a small feeling.


From a small crush to actually loving someone, we all have been through that journey; maybe some are going through it. But isn’t it a very giddy feeling, to have someone who is there for you?


Who makes all the effort to make you smile and with whom you can share your dreams. Who you know is the one you can fight for, against the world. When you know, that living cannot get any better than it is right now, in that very moment. All these thoughts combined together are what make the feeling of love. When you find your happiness, your home in them; and truly accept all the flaws of them as the most beautiful things you’ve ever seen.


It is what makes humanity beautiful, and the world, A Place to live in. And to celebrate such a feeling we dedicated a day, 14 February, to it, as Valentine’s Day. To all the lovers out there, let them celebrate their true love.


With all the purity of your heart, This Valentine’s, let your partner know too, how much you love them by gifting a heart-touching souvenir. A present she can carry all along her journey to her dreams that make her remember you when they feel low. Narrate all the unsaid things to them, because in our busy lives, there is much of the love left unsaid, unshared, and untouched. So, take out some time and take them out. Under a sky full of stars, tell them that they are your moon. And let them know, that they are the brightest star in the dark for you to navigate, whenever you get lost.


To make this season of love and gratuity more wonderful and memorable for you and your partner, we are here with some exciting gifting collections. Carrying the essence of Love, here comes the HB red collection. For the ones who mold life their own way, we bring the ever-exclusive Crown Bear collection. For the ones who celebrate nature in their lives, the refreshing Walk in the Forest collection has no match. From Parrot song to Paris Bear, and Rose Bear to Sound of the Rose, Henney Bear has the perfect handbags to match your feelings, with varieties of bag styles. Be it the classic handbags or designer Top Handles, cool backpacks, or trendy crossbodies, You ask and we deliver.


Shower your love on the love of your love, because much of theirs goes unnoticed by you.

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