Green Bear Crossbody Bag


Featuring Green Bear Tapestry

A whimsical masterpiece unfolds as a tapestry of adorable bears, each donned in elegant winter attire, graces the fabric. A soothing blend of turquoise green and tranquil blue, dances with Van Gogh’s spirit. The intricate detailing captures the essence of the legendary artist’s strokes, marrying the whimsy of nature with the vibrancy of colour palette. These charming bears, a homage to Van Gogh’s genius, form a living kaleidoscope of joy and creativity. This tapestry artwork is a testament to the fusion of art and imagination, where each bear is contributing to a harmonious symphony of colour and delight.


Blue Hummingbird Top Handle Bag


Featuring Blue Hummingbird Tapestry

Have you ever seen a hummingbird? It is nature’s beauty. One of favourite painting themes of creative artists. Blue hummingbird along with flowers and leaves can make a beautiful pattern. The tint of red on parts of flowers and hummingbirds’ tails brings out the brightness in a fine way. This indigo blue base colour has added extra elegance. It is noteworthy that the red colour on the tail of the hummingbird and that on the flowers maintains the slight difference in tone. Different shades of one colour breaks the monotony and enhances the look and feel of this tapestry.




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Henney bear 🐻

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Unboxing my new handbag 👜✨️
Came across this really cute brand of handbags with Tapestry Art and at a good price that doesn't burn a hole in your pocket 😀

The bag that I have is a top handle Crown Bear shoulder bag for INR- 7999/-

They have stores only in Delhi and Noida currently and they are available online on

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Effortless OOTD🦋

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Top thefashion.tribe
Bag henneybearin

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Wearing houseoffett 🤍
Earrings ekhojcity
Wrist watch fossil
Bag henneybearin
Heels urbane_shoes
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The Heritage & Journey with Henney Bear

The art of tapestry has been flourishing worldwide for hundreds of years. From the Incas to the Egyptians, to the usage for covering walls in the Greek empire Parthenon, Tapestry has made events special by its exotic appearance.

Henney Bear expresses love for this exceptional art of tapestry in its designer handbags and spearheads the spread of this meaningful culture up to each one of you.

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