Flowers have always been the best gift for any occasion. From the gesture of admiration to gratitude, flowers inhibit many feelings in them. The colorful blooms bring us joy and brighten our day.


With the arrival of spring, the sight of daisy flowers is more common. The tiny daisies have entranced artists and poets for centuries. From a famous poem, “The Legend of Good Women”, daisy derives its name. It is called the eye of the day because the petals close at dusk and open at dawn.


A daisy is a sign of optimism, happiness, and new beginnings. It also has a connection to beauty and fertility. Daisies come in varieties of hues and symbolize different meanings. However, the Red Daisy significantly grabs any attention.


A Red Daisy is tied to love, romance, and passion. Its luminous hues represent youth and vitality. The red daisies can be gifted to your companion or family members as a token of affection toward them.


A white daisy is simple yet filled with positivity. With its sun-like center, the daisy shows the brightness and light it spreads. The delicate petals around this center depict the sun beaming through the clouds. The white daisy in itself represents the essence of innocence and purity. Innocence is always associated with children and their pure smiles. The white daisy truly fills one with peace.


But, as we all know, it’s hard for us to carry daisies every day. The less availability of florists in the market is another reason we cannot have daisies every other day. However, carrying them as an art on the bags is something that Henney Bear has discovered.


In this Red Daisy collection, the red and yellow daisies are brought in to life by Henney Bear using the tapestry artwork. The touch of traditional essence is kept in mind while making such a colorful yet luxurious bags for women. Around the red daisies, the intricate designs of the cute bears are present. The dark blue backdrop with green leaves dripping is reminiscent of the land and sky where these daisies have flourished.


The type, yellow daisy, is directly associated with cheerfulness and joy. Seeing the off-yellow colored daisy on the bag can make us smile.


Red Daisy Top Handle is a perfect choice to carry with a white floral dress on a pleasant spring evening. The dark blue strap is available for those who want to carry it as a crossbody bag. The strap gets detached, thus making it a Top Handle if one wants to look more fashionable and elegant on a formal occasion.


A clutch is ostentatious, holds the eyes and one can instantly become the starlet. Henney Bear Red Daisy Clutch displays the contemporary style of women’s fashion bags. The golden metallic chain is also provided in case your hands are filled. Thus, it will keep your smart and classy look intact.


A shoulder bag is used to carry almost anything. It combines both fashion and utility. Red Daisy is an adorable blend of casual and chic designs for a ladies’ bag. It can elevate the women’s street wear style and gorgeously enhance the dinner-style look. It is a classy piece of accessory that is a must to be kept in the closet.


We have tried to bring the essence of spring to the Red Daisy collection which can fill any woman with euphoric joy. After all, by the end of spring, such bags must be purchased, in order to express one’s affection for oneself.

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