Flowers and bears go so well together. However, through their famous tapestry art, Henney Bear has articulated a wonderful pattern including roses and round-faced fluffy bears. For this bag, Henney Bear has adopted a different kind of traditional painting and once again has shown its ability to blend the cuteness of the bear and the grandeur of rose. The color palette is rather uncommon. All the colors can be well distinguished and are prominent. The blue-green leaves are designed not in the common way. The outer and inner layers of the roses are also distinctly created- the inner layer being the brighter one and the outer lighter one.
The bears can be seen beautiful dresses with hats just like red Riding Hood. It gives the essence of a garden with cute bears in it. The complex design of the bag only increases the beauty and sophistication of the product. So, make a Henney Bear collection and begin with this one

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