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Introducing our versatile Tapestry Multi-Compartment Hobo, a true masterpiece of design and functionality.

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blue bear tapestsy backpack

Blue Bear Backpack

New Launch

Featuring the iconic Henney Bear Logo — woven in shades of grey and blue. This sophisticated colour combination exudes understated elegance, making a subtle yet impactful statement. True to the essence of the brand, the design carries the distinctive charm of Henney Bear with subtlety and grace. This design embodies the heritage of tapestry art and fashion that defines Henney Bear’s signature style.

Featuring Classic Teddy Bear Tapestry

Imbued with the endearing essence of the classic teddy bear, this tapestry design encapsulates the nostalgic charm of childhood. Evoking memories of cosy embraces and playful adventures, the tan hue of the tapestry echoes the warmth and comfort of a beloved teddy companion, while lending it a vintage allure. Let the tapestry of memories woven into its fabric inspire you, infusing your everyday look with a sense of nostalgia and wonder.

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Textile Art

We use centuries-old art of weaving to create intricate patterns and designs.


The Heritage & Journey with Henney Bear

The art of tapestry has been flourishing worldwide for hundreds of years. From the Incas to the Egyptians, to the usage for covering walls in the Greek empire Parthenon, Tapestry has made events special by its exotic appearance.

Henney Bear expresses love for this exceptional art of tapestry in its designer handbags and spearheads the spread of this meaningful culture up to each one of you.

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